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Study for Ogygia
2010 HDV Interactive Loop
Single Channel Installation

In a world where the 'evil demon of images' incessantly clamour for our attention by seeking to excite, shame or cajole us into inessential transactions - to encounter this moving image is to effect its own disappearance.

Invite or Reject Group Show,
Imagine Ireland,
C4 Contemporary, Los Angeles, 2011


A portrait of the actor Sean Murphy, in character as Oliver St John Gogarty, at the moment of receiving the news of the death of his good friends.

Installation Specifications: 90cm X 70cm X 5cm

Wall mounted/embedded 50' Flatscreen HD monitor.

PC with custom software, IR sensor, MDF frame.

Installation Still 1

Installation Still 2

Installation Still 3

Installation Still 4

Installation Still 5

Study for Ogygia