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Stalking Irvine
2003 - 2004 Blog / Photographs Online

This online work documents the comings and goings of a fictional novelist and a novelist of fiction.

Please note that any similarity to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

After about nine months, this project terminated abruptly, when the line which divides fiction from reality, became dangerously blurred.

Stalking Irvine Blog


is a portal into the subconscious mind of the novelist of fiction 'Mr. Welsh'.

'Mr. Welsh' recently moved to this city and, coinicidentally, now lives on the same street as I.

Every morning, on his way to the gym, he walks past the subterranean window of the basement garret in which I abide. I've rigged up a webcam to track all his movements past the window.

By placing idyosyncratic objects each day into the garden outside the window, I am experimenting with subconsciously inveigling these same objects into the new work of fiction that I presume 'Mr. Welsh' is currently working on.

All comments and proposals are welcome.

Bag of polystyrene balls with drawing

Still from webcam

Still from webcam with Irvine and friend

Cafe, Rathmines

Garden Installation

Garden Installation

Stalking Irvine

2003 - 2004