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Six Virgins and a Bear
1992 Installation Various Locations
Sculpture In Context

The installation Six Virgins and a Bear was unceremoniously ejected soon after being installed at the Fernhill Gardens Sculpture in Context Exhibition of 1992.

Although I submitted sketches and clearly indicated my intentions, once I had made and constructed the installation, the curator immediately had the gardener dismantle it.

I was summoned, and, without further explanation, told to remove the offensive figures immediately from the garage where they had been hastily stacked.

Furthermore, I was requested not to attend the opening later that evening. I realised right then, that I had made a work about impotence.



The work was subsequently re-installed at a Gutter Gallery show in Browne's Medical Supplies on Dawson Street, although it was just not the same in a non-pastoral setting.

Later, the unhappy band of figures ended up at a group show in Pleasants Factory, off Camden Street.

Stuck for space, I eventually donated the badly shellacked Virgin Mary figurines to Orders of various local religious institutions, indicating that they should be kept outdoors.

The bear figure found a happy retirement home in my back garden where it enjoyed the company of my children for many seasons before finally, it decomposed, and there remained only a mangled, plaster-flaked, chickenwire skeleton.

Installation Documentation

Installation Documentation

Six Virgins and a Bear