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Ogygia III
2009 HDV 7 mins
Single Channel
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Ogygia - Part One is the prologue to a tripartite experimental drama documentary, adapted from the autobiographical writings of the Irish poet, senator and surgeon Oliver St John Gogarty.

It combines the episodic structure of Homer's Odyssey with the stylistic pyrotechnics of Joyce's Ulysses to relate a contemporary account of Gogarty's extraordinary life.


Episode III
is a single continuous six minute shot taken on Sandymount Strand from the P.O.V. of the actor playing the part of Joyce.

The actor's thoughts are presented as subtitles, illustrating his stream of consciousness as he struggles to understand the advice he has been given by Ulick in the previous episode.

Cork International Film Festival, 2011



Was asking myself: will it ever end?

Made for walking?

Oliver St John Gogarty?

Now, where to wipe this snot?

Ogygia III