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Ogygia II
2010 HDV 7 mins
Single Channel
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Ogygia - Part One is the prologue to a tripartite experimental drama documentary, adapted from the autobiographical writings of the Irish poet, senator and surgeon Oliver St John Gogarty.

It combines the episodic structure of Homer's Odyssey with the stylistic pyrotechnics of Joyce's Ulysses to relate a contemporary account of Gogarty's extraordinary life.

With Ulick O'Connor and Marcus Lamb.


In episode II, the actor Marcus Lamb represents the young Telemachus whilst Ulick O'Connor symbolises the elderly Nestor. Marcus asks Ulick some prepared questions enquiring about the hero of the film, but he becomes distracted toward the conclusion of the interview. His wandering thoughts are displayed as subtitles; a device initiated in episode I and elaborated upon much further in episode III.

Cork International Film Festival, 2011
Darklight Digital Film Festival, 2010

Ulick O'Connor

Marcus Lamb

Marcus Lamb interviews Ulick O'Connor

Serving tray with cups

Marcus and Ulick investigate a disturbance

Bronze bust of Ulick O'Connor

Ogygia II