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Ogygia - Part One
2011 HDV 26 mins
Single Channel

Ogygia - Part One is the prologue to a tripartite experimental drama documentary, adapted from the autobiographical writings of the Irish poet, senator and surgeon Oliver St John Gogarty.

It combines the episodic structure of Homer's Odyssey with the stylistic pyrotechnics of Joyce's Ulysses to relate a contemporary account of Gogarty's extraordinary life.

Ogygia - Part One consists of the first three of an eighteen episode work.


Episode I
is a drama adapted from both the action described in the opening chapter of Ulysses and of Gogarty's account of events on the morning of June 16th, 1904.

Indie Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal, 2012
Cork International Film Festival, 2011
Darklight Digital Film Festival, 2010

The Isle of Ogygia

Oliver St John Gogarty thrice blesses the sea

Marcus Lamb as James Joyce

Sean Murphy as Oliver st John Gogarty

Staines, Gogarty and Joyce at breakfast

Sean Murphy as Oliver St John Gogarty

Ogygia - Part One