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2011: Ogygia - In production: Phantasy in Fact - A feature length digital production based on the extraordinary Odyssey of Malcahi St. Jesus Fogarty, for serial networked distribution.

Ogygia Production Log
Clips fromOgygia, Parts I, II & III

Ogygia, Part One – Work in Progress (Tony Kenny, 2010)
Screening at the Darklight Festival 2010
Saturday 30 October, 2010, 3:30pm Grand Social, Liffey Street, Dublin 1
Join Tony for the first three episodes of his magnum opus, ‘Ogygia’, a contemporary retelling of the heroic odyssey of Malachi St. Jesus Fogarty. Funded in part by the Arts Council, the complete film comprises 18 episodes each about 7 minutes long. There will be a discussion about the work following the screenings.

2008 - 10: Studies for Ogygia: V. Hades
Here Comes Everybody - Prototypical active publicity instruments produced as part of research project into the paratactic disintegration of narrative structure in digital media.
Masters Degree, Fine Art Digital Media, NCAD, 2010
2008: Ogygia - VII. Calypso
2006: Columbarium
A film set in the head of a disembodied, warped and mute poet embarking on an elliptical perambulation of Dublin. Concerned with the nature of perceived duality, consciousness and conscience, it is a subjective examination of mans compulsive mind; a meditation on the nature of escapism, grief, hallucination and acceptance: obsessively wrapped up as a long form visual love poem with lots of birds, bees and biplanes.

2007: Marcel SoWhat - Short documenatries
2006: La Argentina Privado - Short Film
2005: Stalkingirvine - Online collaborative installation
2004: The Joys of Ex
- Installation, various locations, Dublin
2004: Bloom Is A Cod - Installation, Dublin, Various locations and materials
2003: Uncommissioned Public Art, Rooftops, Temple Bar, Dublin
2002: Story? - Wall mural
2001: The Perfect Burger -Documentary
2000: Yes To Everything - mobile piesta resistance

awards and exhibitions

2009: Study for Ogygia
Group show at the Lighthouse Cinema, Dublin.

Film Project Award, The Arts Council of Ireland / An Chomhairle Ealaíon
2007: Bord Scannán na hÉireann / The Irish Film Board (IFB) writers development loan
Columbarium - Jury Prize Award, Darklight Digital Film Festival 2006
2005: Film Project Award, The Arts Council of Ireland / An Chomhairle Ealaíon
2004: PÁDRAIG MUCA'S ANTI-ANTI GLOBALISATION MOVIE by Pádraig Muca (0:60), Darklight Film Festival, Dublin

2004: The Joys of Ex - St. Stephens Green, Dublin
2004: Columbarium -
Film Project Award, The Arts Council of Ireland / An Chomhairle Ealaíon
2002: Retreat - Melbourne, Australia
1997: Digital Media Prize for Shoplifting - Hamburg International Short Film Festival
1995: Shoplifting CD-ROM Permanent Exhibition Glasgow Museum of Modern Art
1994: Artflight Award - Amsterdam
1994: Rand Van Europa Amsterdam - Retrospective of five films shown
1994: Artflight Award - Reel Time NYC Guest Exhibitor & Curator
1993: 500 Years of Rope - Exploding Cinema London
1993: A Necessary Inference… - VIP FILM Festival Berlin
1992: Brownes Medical Supplies - Six Virgins & a Bear- Installation
1992: Sculpture In Context - Six Virgins & a Bear - Installation
1991: Arts Council /Aer Lingus Artflight Award - Frankfurt
1991: Hamburg International Short Film Festival - Special Jury Prize
1990: Cogito Ergo Phuq - VIP FILM Festival Berlin
1989: Cogito Ergo Phuq - Galway Film Fleadh, Dublin, Cork, Bay Area, California
1988: Beached Elvis - Performance - Fort Funston CA

2010:Ogygia, Parts I, II & III

2007: Marcel SoWhat Short Docs

2006: Columbarium (25 mins DV)

2005: La Argentina Privada
1995: Shoplifting (CD ROM)

1994: Zipper II (Video 2 mins)
1993: 500 Years of Rope (16mm, 10 mins, B&W)
1992: Pro-Choice Film (16mm, 2 mins, B&W)
1991: A Necessary Inference Differs From A Contingent One In That The Premise Alone Suffices To Warrant The Conclusion (2 mins, 16mm, Colour & B&W)
1989: Cogito Ergo Phuq (10 mins, 16mm, B&W )
Prize winner at the Hamburg International Short Film Festival 1991
1988: Xmas In Four Dimension (3 mins Video)

1987: Carmencita Shark Dog (3 mins Video)
1985: Suddenly My Head Blew Up: It Was Like Something Out Of Scanners (1 min, 16mm, Colour)