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Bloom is a cod.
2004 Action Online
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On the eve of the 100th anniversary of 'Bloomsday' in 2004, I used Nabakov's map to visit all of the physically accessible Dublin locations where action takes place in Joyce's novel Ulysses.

In the vicinity of each location, I inscribed on the wall, in white chalk, the legend; "Bloom is a cod."

This is a stage direction from the Circe episode in Chapter 15 of the book.

(Ulysses, 15.1870-1)

I subsequently collated all of the media that appeared online which documented or mentioned these actions and archived them for public presentation at a later date.


(writes on the wall)
Bloom is a cod.

Ulysses, 15.1870-1

Nabakov's Map

River Liffey with Loopline Bridge

Sandycove, Bloomsday 2004

From Internet

From Internet

From Internet

From Internet

Bloom is a cod.

Documentary from Canadian Television

Bloom is a cod. Action Online